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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Mª Isabel Mijares: "The National Wine Fair, FENAVIN 2005, is growing"

According to the well known international oenologist and wine taster.

30.03.2005 | 

The famous international oenologist and wine taster, Mª Isabel Mijares asserts that "the National Wine Fair, FENAVIN 2005, is going through a growth process at the moment whereas others are suffering from lack of interest and are actually decreasing". In the same way, she states "this wine fair can be like a kind of explosion. Not even 10% of what FENAVIN can be has been shown yet"

"It is amazing to see the way FENAVIN's organization team, led by its Director, Manuel Juliá, works. They have convinced us to support them to the fullest, year in, year out, and we are convinced of the importance of this fair for the wine sector", the oenologist asserts in a very convincing way.

The wine taster also states that "FENAVIN helps promote wine, even if business deals often do not happen on the spot. It is not a vegetable market. Contacts happen at a later stage". "FENAVIN is bound to be a meeting point" she adds.


Around 12 international journalists and writers who belong to the Federación Internacional de Periodistas y Escritores del Vino (International Federation of Wine Journalists and writers), FIJEV, will visit the National Wine Fair, FENAVIN 2005, which will take place in the Ciudad Real Fair Pavilion from 9th to 12th of May. There they will hold their General Assembly, coordinated by Equipo Team and led by the FIJEV's vice-president, María Isabel Mijares.

Ciudad Real will be the headquarters for the most important specialized international journalists to put in common their opinions about the present wine harvest in their respective countries; the overview of the sector in each country and its influence and interrelation with the situation of all the others; the present situation of the specialized information regarding wines; the importance of Spain as a wine country in the world; the Federation's own situation as well as impressions about the Fair, FENAVIN 2005.

"FENAVIN is thus a meeting point for those famous media representatives who discuss various current news relevant for the sector" says the renowned oenologist. "In the same way, the National Wine Fair takes advantage of the presence of this elitist group to make them aware of all the activities prepared by FENAVIN and the wide Spanish wine offer represented within the trade show", she adds.

FIJEV members will, without no doubt, be some of the main people responsible for the strengthening of the National Wine Fair when it happens for the third time. The FIJEV Assembly gathers 15 foreign professionals specialized in wine, coming from the most relevant countries as far as imports of Spanish wines go, such as United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Scandinavia, etc.


It is obvious that the crisis in the wine sector is perceived. In that respect, Mijares states "this is a very difficult year. Wine consumption has decreased and surplus has increased. We must make a great effort to palliate this problem and also to be in touch with the demand".

Mijares explains that the new tendencies in wine processing seem to satisfy the new, non traditional, consumers. The wineries are responsible for consumer satisfaction, by using skill and intelligence, as well as by adopting new technologies to process the wine".

The famous oenologist believes "beyond doubt" that all types of competitions, fairs, wine tasting events which already exist around the wine culture contribute to increase wine consumption. "Before, only traditional consumers with purchasing power would drink wine. Nowadays, thanks to the improvement of advertising tools, more varied types of consumers are attracted".

Mª Isabel Mijares, as technical advisor in Viticulture Projects in the UN, verifies that in areas where there is no wine culture (like countries from Latin America or Australia) new wines are being produced. In this respect, she thinks "we must supply these new wines to the consumer, wines from non-traditional countries. We must innovate and supply good wines but different ones, else the consumer will get bored".

Lastly, the oenologist and wine taster states "wine is not a man's matter. It is for both men and women. The role of women is paramount in the wine world and, furthermore, we women have a special sensitivity for wine. In fact, in the technical, cultural, commercial and economic areas evolving around wine, women are totally successful".