Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





700 exhibitors will be present at FENAVIN and 100 could not participate due to lack of space

The fair opens itself to research with the Technological Innovation Room.

23.03.2005 | 

700 exhibitors have already confirmed their presence at the National Wine Fair which will take place from 9th to 12th of May in the Ciudad Real Fair Pavilion. That is what FENAVIN's president, Nemesio de Lara, has stated and he has also confirmed that the pre-registration fee will be returned to 60 exhibitors due to lack of space and another 40 exhibitors who have shown interest in participating have been advised they can no longer register before they carry out the reservation transfer.

De Lara said that the ICEX and famous people in the wine world like Marqués de Griñón or José Peñín, as well as the specialized magazine, The "Weinwirstshaft" are the ones who highlight the importance of FENAVIN. He stated that 47 appellations and "geographical indications" will be represented in the capital of the Province. He added that the exhibition area has been increased with a new pavilion, called Eneo, which takes the total area for this third FENAVIN up to 25 000 square meters.

On the other hand, FENAVIN's president, in the company of the institutional coordinator and the event's director, Ángel Amador and Manuel Juliá respectively, asserted that the Wine Gallery will increase its activity by offering a greater number of wine tasting events. It is not in vain that we will go from 525 brands in 2003 to 800 brands for this year".

According to De Lara, the Business Center will be located in the Osiris Pavilion. This Center is working by reason of an agreement signed with the Chamber of Commerce together with the cooperation of the ICEX. He also stated that from there 400 importers and distributors from 23 countries will work. " From the 4th of April we will supply lists in order to establish a double communication link to ease contacts and operations" he pointed out.


In the Hesiodo Pavilion you will find the Technological Innovation Room, one of FENAVIN's novelty for this year. There, up to 12 research programs related to the wine sector, eonology and marketing which are being carried out in Europe, America, South Africa and Australia, will be presented. The objective is, on the one hand, to show research works under way and, on the other hand, to help winery owners to get involved in new technology.

Continuing with the program of activities, Nemesio de Lara pointed out that during the National Wine Fair, 7 seminars, 4 round tables and 11 conferences will take place, apart from meetings, assemblies and forums promoted by organisms and associations which have their say in the wine sector. Likewise, the awards "una vida dedicada al vino" (A lifetime devoted to wine) and Premios Vinos Tierra de Castilla (wine awards Land of Castilla) are scheduled for presentation.

He also announced that the trade show will be presented on 14th of April in Madrid during a ceremony where public figures and winery owners will participate.


Changing subjects, De Lara declared that the wine sector is going through a worrying phase in Spain where the consumption per inhabitant/year has noticeably declined. To this, in his opinion, we must add the exceeding 10 to 12 million hectoliters per year.

He thinks that "the Spanish wine has to drastically and aggressively change in what respects the national consumption and in the international influence". "That is why we organize FENAVIN" he added and then said "Spain needs more resources, more money, more specialists".

De Lara thinks that a re-organization of the sector is needed and also to promote a very deep debate to plan the future in an intelligent way. This is the reason why, from the Provincial Government, we work to turn "this third FENAVIN into an important reflection center, a place and time where we can find new initiatives to recover a sector we believe can be saved".