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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





"Spanish wines are starting to become well known thanks, to a great extent, to FENAVIN's efforts"

Qiu Bo Yuan

Qiu Bo Yuan

According to FENAVIN’s representative in China, Qiu Bo Yuan

10.03.2005 | 

FENAVIN's Chinese representative, Qiu Bo Yuan, states Spanish wines are getting known in Beijing and more recently in Chengdú (Sichuan), mainly due to FENAVIN's efforts. "Nevertheless, it is true that the value for money factor is playing a positive role in favor of those, especially in inland areas" he adds.

"In China, there is a historical situation whereby French wines are a guarantee of the consumers social status. And the new situation now is that the non European wines, especially Australian ones, are making great marketing efforts", he explains.

Bo Yuan gives some advice to the Spanish exhibitors who want to make the most of the presence of Chinese Importers in FENAVIN's Business Center "one must insist on the great variety of Spanish products whose prices are directly connected to the different wine qualities which are duly controlled by independent organisms (European norms which are getting known and valued by the Chinese professionals).


In the same way, he recommends to "take advantage of the fact that great Anglo-Saxon trend creators like Parker or Jancis Robinson, who are well known by the professionals, think that wines in Spain are the wines of the future.

Likewise, he states that "the Chinese wine market is in the process of being built, which implies fluidity and volatility, despite the firm support of the corresponding administration organisms. The main difficulty, as far as Chinese buyers are concerned, is to distinguish between "golden buyers" and the new importers with no background and no reliability in order to ensure a continuous trade relationship. The profile of buyers attending FENAVIN-2005 will be the one corresponding to commercial agents of the highest reliability".

The Chinese representative believes the various Spanish production areas are not working hard enough on the promotional side as far as the Spanish offer is concerned, "except the recent action in Chengdu". "Chinese buyers find it hard to understand the concept of new Spanish wines as they hardly knew the old Spanish wines", he adds.

Attracting new Chinese importers and consumers and promotional actions should, according to Qiu Bo Yuan, insist upon the brand "Spain" with striking logos on as many as possible promotional supports. "it is important to support the creation of, for instance, the Spanish Wine Corner in supermarkets taking advantages of the facts and, with a bit of imagination, the embryo of the good image of Spain in China. In short, it is necessary to stop fearing the mysterious China and start making the necessary investments. We are now members of the World Trade Organization and thus subject to clear rules", he states.

"Chinese people find it hard to understand the Appellation concept, but though they call it a different name, they have no doubt when it comes to understanding the concept of controlled biodiversity. That is, each wine corresponds to a given production area which, in turn, offers all the quality guarantees, on each step of the Spanish wine-making hierarchy. Nevertheless, it is important to stress that these concepts will take some time to reach the consumer. That is why the support of communication actions with the Chinese importers is necessary", he says.