Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





"FENAVIN meets the requirements to turn into the reference trade show for ICEX (Instituto de Comercio Exterior- Export Institute)."

Juan Calabozo

Juan Calabozo

According the director of the Food and Agriculture Products Division of the Instituto de Comercio Exterior (Export Institute), Juan Calabozo.

07.03.2005 | 

The director of the Food and Agriculture Products Division of the ICEX (Institute of Foreign Trade), Juan Calabozo.states "FENAVIN meets the requirements to turn into the reference trade show of the sector and, therefore, the reference fair for ICEX".

That is what he confirmed during the working session he held with Manuel Juliá, the Director of FENAVIN, National Wine Fair which will take place from 9th to 12th of May, 2005 in Ciudad Real's Fair Pavilion. Juliá informed about the evolution of the show, about the nature and philosophy of the latter which is basically based on making business. In the same way, Juan Calabozo met the working team run by Manuel Juliá and later on he had a meeting with FENAVIN's President, Nemesio de Lara.

Calabozo states he has a "very good impression" of the managing team who runs FENAVIN, "because these projects of major trade shows require people knowing exactly what is at stake and, above all, people capable of defining the objectives in a clear manner". In this way, he highlights that at an international level, which is what is of interest to the ICEX (Export Institute) , FENAVIN has a team who "knows exactly what is to be done in a trade show of such characteristics to the advantage of the sector".


The director of Food and Agricultural Products at ICEX puts emphasis on the management of FENAVIN's Business Center and shows his appreciation of the way the organization makes a selection of "offers meeting demands for the product". "That is why I think there is an important embryo in this instance" states Calabozo and then he continues asserting that "there are sufficient grounds to turn this fair not only into a national event, which it already is, but also find a very strong international ingredient". He thinks this would be a very attractive element which would add a strong value to the trade show.

On the other hand, Calabozo also confirms that the Instituto de Comercio Exterior (Export Institute) is looking for a national wine fair "which we do not have right now" and FENAVIN is the closest to the ICEX ambitions, according to Calabozo. He also wishes to state the need to count on a venue which can match the needs of major trade shows".

In the same way, Calabozo says that he supports the fact that the President of FENAVIN, Nemesio de Lara, has already sowed the seed of the need to build a new trade show center in Ciudad Real by talking to the government. "I think this is of vital importance, it is paramount to secure this infrastructure as a decisive step towards the success of this project", said Calabozo and he concluded:" This is a conjunction of logistics and infrastructure and, if these steps are taken and the project is successful, ICEX will back up what would become the Spanish Wines Fair in the World".