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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





"In the Czech Republic, Spanish wines are regarded as quality wine"

Boris Mochnac

Boris Mochnac

According to FENAVIN’s representative in this country, Boris Mochnac

01.03.2005 | 

The Czech Republic FENAVIN'S representative, Boris Mochnac, states that "in the Czech Republic, Spanish wines are regarded as quality wines". Though adding "unfortunately, selection is rather small compared to wines from other countries".

To promote the different product ranges and categories and to insist in explaining the wine quality when compared with other countries which are more introduced in the market are Mochnac's recommendations for the Spanish exhibitors who want to take advantage of the presence of the Czech importers at the Business Center in FENAVIN 2005 which will take place form 9th to 12th of May in the Ciudad Real Trade Show Center.

In the same way, he proposes "it is advisable to make promotional efforts in the press, through special articles and supplements in the most important magazines and newspapers, in order to attract the importers' and consumers' attention in our area. Those articles could explain the subject in a nice and pleasant way and promote the different wine production areas in Spain".

International buyers who will be present in Feria Nacional del Vino from the Czech Republic are importers who buy the most outstanding wines in the country. "Furthermore, we would like to invite a well known retail wine-shop, a journalist and some important restaurant owner" explains the Czech representative.


In the Czech Republic there is still a great growth potential because the presence of Spanish wines is low. Like in other country in the world, in our country drinking wine is very trendy and consumption tends to grow every year" he states.

Furthermore, he thinks that "the various Spanish production areas are not sufficiently promoting their wines". "In fact, in the Czech Republic the most well known wines are the ones from La Rioja. The presence of brands from Castilla - La Mancha goes almost unnoticed" he informs.

Finally, Boris Mochnac thinks the 400th anniversary of the first edition of D. Quixote, which happens precisely in 2005, and the fact that the fair is taking place in La Mancha "is an important added value and an occasion to link the show to cultural and tourist subjects related to D. Quixote. Cervantes' work, like anywhere else in the world, is also well known in the Czech Republic".