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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





"FENAVIN is an important trade show with a proven success"

Carlos Falcó (first on the left) during first FENAVIN, FENAVIN 2002

Carlos Falcó (first on the left) during first FENAVIN, FENAVIN 2002

According to the innovative wine producer Carlos Falcó, marquis of Griñón.

21.02.2005 | 

"FENAVIN is a trade show which has not been around for very long compared to others like Vinexpo in Bordeaux, but with a strong foothold and located in a region with an important wine production as is Castilla - La Mancha" explains Falcó, one of the most prestigious wine producers in the wine sector.

The marquis of Griñón has evolved from supporting the first National Wine Fair in FENAVIN-2001, to getting involved in promoting the fair with the stand Single Estates, which supports the culture of Single Estates wines, during FENAVIN-2003 to finally opting for his own stand with his wine Dominio de Valdepusa in FENAVIN-2005, which will be held from 9th to 12th of May in the Ciudad Real Fair Pavilion, apart from participating once more in the Single Estates stand.

"This shows FENAVIN is a strong trade show which is now mature as a great fair with a proven and solid background" he asserts. In the span of two shows only, FENAVIN has become one of the best wine fairs and that is due, fundamentally, to the fact that "a group of people has started and supported a project, has worked very hard on it and has finally made it happen", states the wine producer and vineyard owner.


In the same way, Falcó Fernández de Córdova highlights that the Business Center in FENAVIN is an intelligent and very laudable initiative as, Business Centers in any trade show are there to make business, and "our aim as wine producers is to sell and promote our wines to all parties within the wine sector". "The success of the Business Center is proven" adds the Single Estates defender par excellence in our country.

This year the wine producers have requested a lot of space in FENAVIN and, despite the increase in the area allocated to the fair, a lot of wine producers are not going to be able to participate. In this respect, Carlos Falcó thinks this is due to "being immersed in a very competitive world. And this is also a confirmation of the progressive strengthening of the National Wine Fair".

He also thinks FENAVIN helps the promotion of wine in general, as "it brings together wine producers and buyers: the main objective of the fair. And, FENAVIN is achieving exactly this".


The marquis of Griñón also gives his opinion about the crisis in the wine sector. Wine sales are dwindling down not only in Spain but in other countries, like France, as well. "Our continent is suffering a European wine crisis. On the one hand, it is due to new rules within the European Union, the national and regional legislation and, on the other hand, the companies do not have the means to compete in the international market.

Finally, the owner of Dominio de Valdepusa, states that the wine consumer is "ever more demanding and requires a good quality wine and value for money. In general terms, the consumer demands fruity instead of wines with too much oak and, most of all wines from La Mancha".