Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





"Spanish wines are becoming more and more popular among the consumers"

According to FENAVIN’s representative in Benelux (Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg) Javier García González

10.02.2005 | 

FENAVIN's representative in Benelux (Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg), Javier García González states "Spanish wines are becoming more and more popular among the consumers". He stresses though that Spanish wines are still quite behind compared to the French ones which are better known and sell better, "especially in Belgium where French wines are almost like national wines".

García González declares that Spanish exhibitors, to make the most of the presence of importers in the Business Center in the National Wine Fair, FENAVIN 2005, "should offer modern wines, not too much oak, fruitier and with more attractive and more modern labels and not too high on the alcohol content (12-13%) as well".

"Competition in those markets is very strong, introduction of new products is difficult and must be done in a progressive manner, with patience, starting with small sales volume until creating a niche in the market. It is paramount to maintain the best value for money as wine is very sensitive to price variations", he adds.

The representative in Benelux explains that there have been many promotional campaigns, especially carried out by the Spanish trade offices in Belgium and The Netherlands. "In those countries there is a web page in Dutch (, edited by the Ofcomes (Trade offices) in The Hague where one can get any type information required regarding Spanish wines, appellations, events, etc." García González also explains the different national organisms also carry out there own promotional campaigns with direct and reverse missions.

"FENAVIN's promotional activities to attract importers from Benelux could be many and of all types, in a direct and indirect way" says Javier García.