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José Peñín: " FENAVIN 2005, is bound to be successful"

José Peñín

José Peñín

According to the well known writer, journalist and author of the "Guía Peñín de los Vinos de España" (Peñín Guide of the Wines of Spain).

04.02.2005 | 

The famous writer, journalist and author of "Guía Peñín de los Vinos de España", José Peñín, states that "FENAVIN's promoters have been very swift compared to other Spanish Wine Trade Shows". In this respect, he says "one of the trump cards which has influenced this state of affairs is that FENAVIN is specialized in Spanish wines and that is the main point to be stressed"

"A given country has to organize a fair destined for the wineries of that country. In Spain, trade shows must be geared to attract Spanish Wineries and, thus, promote Spanish wine and not waste time in searching for internationalization when the latter requires consolidation. Fairs must be devoted to one subject only, and FENAVIN is such a trade show, hence success is assured", he adds.

In the same way, Peñín states that, another factor enabling FENAVIN to be so notorious after two shows only, is "FENAVIN's team is responsible and constantly on the move, advertising themselves and working hard"

"Another factor is the price list for the stands, proportionally lower than in other trade shows. This way, the organizers ensure that the greatest number of wineries can be present at the National Wine Fair par excellence" he states.


For the current show, Spanish wineries have requested a lot of space for their exhibitors, to such an extent that most of the space is already booked by now. On this matter, Peñin thinks that " the demand is proportional to the offer and the important thing is the fair is growing little by little. If the demand increases, it is because FENAVIN is developing better and better each time".

In the same way, Peñín considers that the objective of the trade show should be to "ensure foreign buyers do not leave empty-handed".

On the other hand, the writer and journalist is of the opinion that "Spanish wine is not sold the proper way to foreigners. There is no consistent price policy. Some wineries are dependant on vineyards owned by others". Regarding the national wine market, he thinks that "it is not as select as it seems. Spanish Wineries are quite stingy when it comes to promoting their wine".

The consumer is basically demanding good wines at a low price. "Red wine is the most consumed, although quality white wine is becoming more fashionable in more expert sectors".

José Peñín is not worried about the decrease of wine consumption in Spain compared to other countries like France or Italy, because he thinks that "now we spend more money on wine than before. Lets not nuzzle in the history of consumption. Now more people drink wine than before. Now there are more and better quality wine".

Finally, he advised it would be desirable to educate young people, the population sector with the highest consumption, amusing them with simple wine tasting events "and getting introduced in their leisure culture in order to make compatible the consumption of wine with the other drinks".


Around 30 of the best new wines from this year will be tasted during FENAVIN 2005, the National Wine Fair, by those buyers and specialized journalists who desire to do so in the space Selección Peñín (Peñín Selection): " The Novelty Values of Spanish Wine" for which he is responsible.

"This activity is part of a certain movement whereby buyers and journalists are more favorable to wines selected according to independent criteria rather than selected by the institutions" asserts the author of the Guía Peñín. He says that "You have to bear in mind that I am running the risk to put under my name a selection of wines containing a novelty factor and new values on the rise and not chosen based on dubious interests".

This 300 m2 stand will be located in the Eneo Pavilion of the Ciudad Real Trade Show Center during the National Wine Fair (FENAVIN) which will be held from 9th to 12th of May.

According to José Peñín " the stand solves the problem of wineries starting their business and unknown to the public, wineries owning interesting wines worth the marketing but which have limited financial means".

The Peñín Selection bore positive fruit in last FENAVIN-2003, National Wine Fair. "Thanks to this initiative, a lot of Spanish wineries became known and will be present this year in the fair as exhibitors. The Peñín Selection is a magnet attracting new buyers". In short, the main objective of the stand is to disseminate novelty values of the Spanish wine".