Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Some fifty buyers from the East will participate in the Feria Nacional del Vino (National Wine Fair) 2005

The objective is to open Eastern markets.

30.12.2004 | 

Some fifty buyers from Japan and China (mostly importers from these countries) will be present in Feria Nacional del Vino (National Wine Fair), FENAVIN 2005 which will be held from 9th to 12th of May in the Trade show Center in Ciudad Real. The aim is to open Eastern markets through Feria Nacional del Vino. Delegates from China, Qiu Bo Yuan and from Japan, Hiromi Kono will participate in FENAVIN.

The FENAVIN delegation in Japan, called "Argos", has worked with the fair for two years. It is a company which promotes Spanish products in foreign countries, cooperating with regional institutes and Chambers of Commerce, amongst others. Around 20 importers from Japan will be present at this important worldwide wine event.

On the other hand, the Chinese delegation, Grand Scenery Company, who started with Fenavin this year, will also bring some 20 importers from this country.


Likewise, Fenavin 2005 will help the Eastern World to make business through initiatives like the seminar to be held on the very first day of the Spanish wine trade show par excellence "Understand Japan/China, sell wine" which will be coordinated by Carlos Rubio López de la Llave, teacher of Japanese Language and Culture at the Complutense University, Madrid, and also at the Castilla - La Mancha University.

The seminar will conclude with a conference by Sachiko Sawada, Spanish-Japanese translator and interpreter, and Cheng Yu Zhai, Second Secretary in the Embassy of China in Madrid.

The objective of this seminar is to make the most of the investment carried out in the Japanese-Chinese wine markets through practical knowledge of the code of social communication and business practices in Japan and China. The Spanish wine business sector (wineries, exporters, etc) who participate in FENAVIN and have an interest in the Japanese or Chinese markets are the main recipients of this seminar.

Carlos Rubio will talk about "Business communication strategies between Spain and Japan" with the general aim to obtain, as much as possible, advantages from the contacts between Spaniards and Japanese within the wine trade sector.

The conference also intends to get to understand, amongst others objectives, (without any knowledge of the Japanese language) the wordless language determined by the Japanese code of communication; understand the cultural attitude of Japanese people towards wine; correctly interpret their body language and gestures; become familiar with the business practices of the Japanese world, the fundamental importance of the packaging and the product presentation, etc. "All these subjects need to be known and are essential when we face such an alien cultural code and we need to optimize all the efforts put into our investment both from a commercial and personal point of view" explains the teacher of Japanese Language and Literature.

The seminar will be composed of a first session about "For a different culture, a different strategy" where the language ability and cultural competence as well as the myths in Japan will be explained: the vertical society or tate sahakai and the power of the group.

"Such apparently insignificant aspects like crossing one's legs while sitting with Japanese people, or the way one holds the business card of the Japanese person one is speaking to, how to interpret pauses as Japanese people talk, how to get the next appointment, the way Japanese people drink, etc, are socio-cultural aspects determined by the Japanese code of communication which we are aiming to introduce during this conference" he added.