Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





FENAVIN amongst the most important European trade shows according to the German magazine "Weinwirtschaft"

German magazine "Weinwirtschaft"

German magazine "Weinwirtschaft"

Together with Vinitaly, Vinexpo, Prowein and Alimentaria.

25.10.2004 | 

The specialized magazine, Weinwirtschaft, the one with the biggest circulation in Germany, published an article in September about the European Wine Trade Shows. There, FENAVIN, Feria Nacional del Vino of Ciudad Real, is ranked among the most significant Wine Fairs in Europe, together with the well known Italian Vinitaly, the French Vinexpo, the German Prowein and Alimentaria in Barcelona.

Under the headline "FENAVIN, in the Heart of wine-making Spain" the German magazine states that the second edition of Feria Nacional del Vino, FENAVIN 2003, had a very positive result. Unlike what happened in Intervin, here countless smaller producers stood out over the bigger companies from the Spanish Wine Sector. FENAVIN's structure allowed an extraordinary concentration of big and small cooperatives.

This is why, according to this magazine, FENAVIN is unique in its genre. A large amount of the experienced professional visitors were delighted to find a great number of "unknown" wineries within the show and highlighted as a positive feature finding so many "opportunities" at the fair. The exhibitors were also very satisfied.

The article also states FENAVIN creates a favorable atmosphere for all the sectors in the Spanish wine supply to be represented in the show in Ciudad Real. This fact was noticed by the journalist of Weinwirtschaft, the most relevant magazine for professionals in the German wine sector, who did not hesitate to assert that "the fair is well structured and offers a wide range of good quality wines"

Germany, together with the United Kingdom, represents a trade center which enables the diagnosis of new interests in the European demand in general and the Central European one in particular. It is not in vain that Germany and UK are the main customers of the Spanish supply in terms of value with 25.7% and 11.7% respectively. France, and again Germany, are the most important ones in terms of volume.

The consumers' interest, and, therefore, the importers' and distributors', is now focussed on new generation wines of which Spain is the biggest and best prime example. FENAVIN 2005, which will take place in Ciudad Real from 9th to 12th of May is the only national monographic wine Trade Show able to successfully meet the needs of the very specific sectors of the European demand and the global demand as well.

OTHER WINE TRADE SHOWS. Regarding the other European wine trade shows positively analyzed by Weinwirschaft (Winebusiness), we find Vinitaly, Vinexpo and ProWein. About the Italian fair, the financial journal underlines its seniority, for Vinexpo being so remarkable; as to Prowein, the article highlights the fact that it is "the"

European Fair, the new Europe with 25 members, more central and therefore, with a greater influence on the emerging markets of the new Union.


Weinwirtschaft is the specialized magazine for professionals of the wine sector with the biggest circulation in Germany. Likewise, it is the trade reference and an essential indicator to guide professionals to make decisions.

Weinwirtschaft, mirror of the wine market, is regarded by the experts as the most important, reliable and trustworthy source of information of the wine sector. The magazine targets the specialized wine and spirits trade, its distributors as well as the purchasers of the organized food retailers.

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