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Ciudad Real
2025, may 6, 7 & 8

FENAVIN. Feria Nacional del Vino


Luis Beato: "Emotions lead the direction of our life"

Gradually emotions are taking on the role and the importance they should always have had in our society. This reality, as well as its consequences for the world of communication, personal relationships and the building of one's own vital project, have all been covered at FENAVIN by the Psychiatrist of the University General Hospital of Ciudad Real, Luis Beato, the same during a presentation called 'The Emotional Revolution'.


may 2019

This afternoon at FENAVIN Luis Beato has taken over the clinical psychiatrist and business consultant Inma Puig’s turn, as late in the day and due to personal reasons she has had to cancel her presence at the Trade Fair. Therefore, the Psychiatrist from the University General Hospital of Ciudad Real has been in charge of presenting ‘The Emotional Revolution’ in a simple and friendly way before the audience who was greatly interested in the matter. 

Based on his experience “of daily work with persons who have seen their lives fall apart due to reasons of illness” and his work helping out “so that they can recompose and continue forward with their lives”, Dr. Beato has reviewed the essential questions necessary to enjoy good emotional health and to be able to develop a personal vital project that will make people happy. 

In the first place he has referred to the bond, the vital bond for survival of a human being. The bond is the proximity between the baby and the person that cares for the baby from the moment he is born. This bond continues with us our entire life and allows for self-acceptance and self-knowledge, which in turn is essential so that people can feel that they are accepted by the group. 

As also explained by Luis Beato, our verbal and non-verbal capacity for replica watches communication is very important in order to be accepted by the group, because if we know how to communicate properly we will have more possibilities of being accepted. “In General, the human being has developed language and has hypertrophied other forms of communication. Knowing the non-verbal language will ensure that we are more efficient in our way of communicating”, he mentioned. 

In order to develop our vital project and feel good about ourselves, Dr. Beato has emphasized the importance of handling our own errors, recognizing them and trying to learn from them; learning how to choose and handle our emotions; having an attitude before the vicissitudes of life that will help us to advance and, finally, developing an attitude of sportsmanship, that is to say, training every day in order to undertake what we have to confront. 

“Emotions lead the direction of our life”, assured the Psychiatrist of the University General Hospital of Ciudad Real and, thus, it is essential that we feel them and recognize them, because they will lead persons to think about what they really want out of life and then be able to develop their vital project. 

“One of the problems that can be observed in today’s society is that we have more and more progress and yet we are unhappier; that we have more and more achievements and yet we are more isolated, we tolerate frustration in a worse way… We must stop and think about our vital goals”, he said, highlighting that altogether the idea is “to live with a little bit more of authenticity”.



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