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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





"The Belgian market is a mature one in which there is also a great culture of wine"

Germán Muñoz, International Taster and Consultant of Wines, as well as specialist in the "terroir", has defined the Belgian market as a possible "El Dorado" for Spanish producers

12.05.2015 | 

"The wine market in Belgium is a mature one, made up by consumers that have a great culture and which is also saturated". This is, in the opinion of Germán Muñoz, International Taster and Consultant of Wines, the key of a market that just may become the "El Dorado" for Spanish producers, as he explained during his conference on the Belgian market that he offered at FENAVIN.

This member of honor of the Fraternity of Bordeaux Wine, who was accompanied at the table by José Fernández, Analyst of the Ofecome in Brussels, has highlighted that "it is precisely this saturation of the market, with consumers that know so much about wine and during so many generations, "that they know how to value the opportunity of the difference".

In short, quality in the first place, image in the second place and price in the third, representing the three factors that define the choice of a consumer in Belgium. "A buyer is looking to identify and fill-up the voids in their portfolio with grape varieties, origins, etc., and at this time the Bobal varietal or Bio wines, for example, are quite fashionable and designations of origin such as Bierzo, Ribera de Júcar, Montoro or Utiel Requena also have their niches".

In his opinion, "there is no magic wand to enter the country, although, for the first time ever, Spanish wine is occupying a very outstanding position, right behind the French wines and this opportunity with consumers that appreciate the quality of new wines and new areas and, also wines that come from Spain, where tradition and modernity walk hand-in-hand must be profited".

On his part Fernández has recommended exporting Spanish wines to Belgium because "it is a country that has maintained its imports of wine in 2014 relatively stable, with a slight drop in volume and an increase in value, after raising the price of all wines". He also explained that Spanish bottled wine has achieved the best figures ever in its history in Belgium, at the highest price of the last few years.

"FENAVIN is the perfect place to discover new wines"

Muñoz, who already worked in the past two editions of FENAVIN, believes that "it is quite possibly the best trade fair in Spain for those who want to discover new wines, this due to the great diversity and the quality of the participants".