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Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Gastronomy and wine; the kitchen and the dining room are both part of a whole

The speakers, in representation of diverse Sommelier Training Schools, all coincided in that there is a need for formal education in Spain and in the recuperation of the Sommelier- Maître d'hôtel

12.05.2011 | 

The speakers, in representation of diverse Sommelier Training Schools, all coincided in that there is a need for formal education in Spain and in the recuperation of the Sommelier- Maître d'hôtelThe round table 'Sommelier Training Schools' has been hosted at midday today at FENAVIN, the same moderated by the agricultural journalist José Luis Murcia and with the participation of speakers such as Elena Ariztia, Director of the IFE School of Hotel Management; Rafael Rodríguez de la Cruz, Director of the INCUAL (National Institute of Qualifications), Enrique Malagón Terrón, Professor at CIOMIJAS (Andalusian Center for Comprehensive Training in Leisure Industries), Amador Orbea, Director of the Specialized Sommelier Course at the Artxanda School of Hotel Management and Alipio Lara, Director of the IVICAM (Institute of the Vine and Wine of Castilla La Mancha).

Following the AMYCE Award Ceremony, which took place yesterday at FENAVIN, the National Association of Spanish Maîtres d'Hotel and Waiters is once again participating at the trade fair with this activity, the same with the goal of unveiling the reality and future of this profession in Spain. Hence, they have counted with the directors of different teaching centers for this activity, all of which are representative of this sector in our country.

José Luis Murcia, journalist and member of the Fédération Internationale des Journalistes et Ecrivains des Vins et Spiritueux (Internationale Federation of Wine and Spirits Journalists and Writers - FIJEV), has invited the participants to take their turn, first making it quite clear "that there is a need for unification and for a formal education system in that pertaining to the profession of sommelier." Rodríguez de la Cruz is also of the same opinion, mentioning the upcoming approval for certification of the Sommelier Title, which is to be passed by the Council of Ministers, as up until now the 2008 Royal Decree relative to unification, had not been developed by the Autonomous Communities. This regulation will normalize professional sommelier certifications and will be of enormous benefit to the sector with specific training, which is very necessary, as is the case, among others, with languages, environmental matters and hygiene and food safety.

Another curious piece of information is that 82% of hotel impresarios have rejected periodic training of their professionals, hence making the importance of changing this corporate attitude more than manifest, as it is not only detrimental to the business itself, but also to its workers and customers.

The group has also championed the recuperation of the Sommelier- Maîtres d'Hotel and the need for certified professionals, who not only understand the culture of wine, but who also know all about pairing wines and food correctly, table setting, to fillet fish, etc. They were also of the same opinion in that referring to gastronomy and wine, and the dining room and kitchen all forming a whole, in which the Sommelier must be knowledgeable in the food and seasonal products, while in turn being capable of suggesting harmonious pairing of wine and food. Also, "the good sommeliers, in particular those who are highly educated, always recommend wines in accordance to their quality-price ratio. After all, the customer is always right and we must listen to the customer's requirements and satisfy them, and, given the current economic moment, this factor is and will be taken into account much more", Murcia explained.