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Important figures from the world of wine and the media confess at Fenavin that "they have drunk, do drink and will drink … but in moderation"

José Ribagorda and Lorenzo Díaz have been in charge of leading a round table in which renowned personalities from the world of wine and the media have spoken about their personal relationship with wine and analyzed the current situation

10.05.2011 | 

Under the revealing title of "I confess that I have drunk, but in moderation", important figures of the world of wine and the media have confessed at FENAVIN that "they have drunk, do drink and will drink … but in moderation" in an interesting proposal in which the journalist, editor and anchor of Telecinco's daily news program 'Informativos', José Ribagorda and the sociologist and communicator, Lorenzo Díaz, simultaneously coordinated a round table at which they sang the praises of drinking wine in moderation.

They also gave their points of view on wine, their love of the product and their personal experience with wine. They also covered the matter of consumption of wine and its future. Included among the professionals participating in the round table, was the director of Telecinco, Manuel Vilanueva, the sommelier of Lavinia, Javier Gila García, the vine grower, Raúl Pérez, the manager of the winery Bodegas Margón, Eugenio González Rubio, the sommelier of La Terraza del Casino de Madrid, María José Huertas, Iván Morales and Álvaro Castellanos, owners of the restaurant-tavern Arrabal and the maître d'hôtel of the restaurant El Bohío, Diego Rodríguez Rey, the owner of the winery Bodegas Arrayán, María Marsans and the actor, Jordi Rebellón, who stars in Tele 5's Hospital Central TV series.

In this sense Lorenzo Díaz commented that "the goal behind the round table is to provide a positive overview of what wine consumed in moderation represents, of wine as a healthy and delicious food product, likewise promoting its consumption in moderation, the latter in view of the mass campaign that from a diversity of scopes is bent on demonizing its consumption." To which José Ribagorda added that "it is very important that wine be differentiated from other alcoholic drinks."

Raúl Pérez, great and prestigious vine grower, hailed this affirmation, stating that nowadays there is a social war going on in which it has not exactly been made clear what moderation is and is not, because "you don't get drunk on two glasses of wine. Currently in Spain we enjoy a very high level and it is easy to find wines of great quality. Wine is a culture and a food product."

"We find ourselves in a moment in time in which consumption of wine is being discredited, reason why I consider that a well-rounded tactful campaign that champions consumption of wine in moderation, that is a campaign in favor of reasonable consumption, is absolutely necessary, because it really is quite unusual that being the third country in production of premium quality wines, our consumption of wine is paradoxically very low," Lorenzo Díaz stated.

Another of the commented matters was precisely the current low consumption of wine, as well as the current change in trends in that pertaining to appreciation of wine. Consumption was the subject matter that the sommelier of La Terraza del Casino de Madrid, María José Huertas, spoke about, indicating that she considers that the crisis and the restrictions in that pertaining to driving are holding a fundamental role in consumption of wine.

Javier Gila García, sommelier for Lavinia, underscored one of the possible keys to resolving this situation: "We should work on obtaining more fixed margins in order to thus promote consumption of wine."

On their part Iván Morales and Álvaro Castellano, owners of the restaurant-tavern Arzabal, have put the emphasis on the professional view of wine consumption, as well as on the current situation in which a drop in consumption has been seen, presenting the economic crisis as the main cause for the same. "Clients are now in search of very high quality-price ratios."

In the opinion of Iván Morales and Álvaro Castellano, the persecution that Lorenzo Díaz and José Ribagorda are talking about is another of the reasons for the current tendency, "and although it is not as much of a determining factor as the economic crisis, even so people are actually considering whether to drink wine or not."

One of the owners of the restaurant-tavern Arrabal also commented the change that has taken place in the production of wine in the last twenty years, "as now wines are more respectful, with lower alcohol content, so that partaking of wine will not give rise to the brutal effects that wines produced twenty years ago used to have on people. Wines are fruitier now, with less oak and less alcohol." The actor Jordi Rebellón, who is well-known in his role as Dr. Vilches in the TV series "Hospital Central", also underscored this idea, recalling "the cheap wines my father used to buy when we went to visit my grandparents, yet now wines have indeed changed a lot, and it really is worth our while to order wines from the region that one is visiting, because we should try wines from all over the place."

Diego Rodriguez, maître d'hôtel of the restaurant El Bohío, highlighted another important aspect in the current wine consumption scene: "The younger generation is not drinking wine and they are missing out on all that surrounding consumption of this product."

"For all those who love wine, FENAVIN is an absolutely essential trade fair"

The journalist, editor and news anchor José Ribagorda also highlighted the fact that Fenavin "is an essential trade fair for all those who love wine", because the "trade fair is already a standard of reference in the world of wine, absolutely consolidated in a very short period of time. I have been participating in the trade fair ever since its first edition and I have tried to spread the word as much as possible."

In this sense Lorenzo Díaz said, "given the fact that I was born in La Mancha, I really am very proud that my home land is capable of organizing such an important national trade fair", highlighting its professional level and adding that "when Manchegos get to work, they really do so conscientiously."

On his part Iván Morales underlined the important level of professionalism that is to be found at the trade fair. "There are other trade fairs that are just like parties, scattering one all over the place, when the fact is that we are all here to do business and we should concentrate on the task at hand and not get caught up in other things."

Manuel Villanueva was also very impressed with FENAVIN: "When I arrived this morning, the first thing I said when I walked into the pavilion was: this is even bigger than FITUR."