Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





FENAVIN is partly responsible for the fact that the capital’s hotels and even those hotels in a radius of fifty kilometers are completely booked, some with reservations that were made during the past edition of the trade fair

Since the spring-summer of 2010 Ciudad Real and other regional municipalities have no rooms whatsoever available for the dates of the trade fair, therefore, they are forced to send the participants to towns that are further away

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All the hotels and available accommodation in Ciudad Real and other municipalities in the region are fully booked for FENAVIN, which is set to open its doors on the upcoming dates of May 10th to the 12th. We are seeing that, edition after edition, reservations are being made earlier and earlier and there are many professionals and exhibitors who actually booked their room in the same hotel where they had stayed during the previous edition or that made their reservation one year or six months in advance, in fact as soon as they know the exact date of the trade fair. Some establishments even have a waiting list in case any last-minute cancellations were to take place or, at any rate, they try to send or recommend establishments in other municipalities to their clients.

Some of the Ciudad Real hotels, or rather quite a few of them, receive their usual clients, that is winemakers who have already participated in all the editions and are repeating in the same accommodation, as is the case with the Doña Carlota Hotel. In other cases, such as the NH Hotel, Paraíso Hotel and Santa Cecília Hotel, the clientele they take in are the importers. This is likewise the case with the Guadiana Hotel, where the Reception Manager, Irene García, underlined that buyers coming in from Japan have confirmed their presence sufficiently in advance because they "were worried about not having a room available, thinking that perhaps due to the Tsunami and the nuclear crisis they might not be taking them into account".

Teófilo Arribas: "FENAVIN is also a success for the restaurateur and hotel sector"

In the towns surrounding Ciudad Real, such as Almagro, Ballesteros, Carrión, Daimiel, Torralba de Calatrava or Valverde, absolutely everything is booked in the smaller hotels of up to thirty rooms, with only a few rooms remaining in the Almagro Parador, although it is normally full to the brim in every single edition. The owner of the Hostería Valdeolivo, Teófilo Arribas, points out that eighty percent of the reservations correspond to single rooms and that they are fully booked every year, with transport being duly provided by the trade fair itself. Teófilo Arribas, who is also the President of the Ciudad Real Association of Hotels and Tourism, an association that also collaborates with the trade fair, pointed out that "ever since its first edition FENAVIN has always exceeded all the forecasts and, quite fortunately, it is also a wild success for the restaurateur and hotel sector".

To date the Palacio de la Serna in Ballesteros had not received any professionals from FENAVIN due to prior commitments, however, this is a thing of the past and now it is practically completely booked, according to that commented by its owner, Eugenio Sánchez Bermejo. In the case of the Campoblanco Hotel, likewise fully booked, their clientele consists of Catalan and Galician winemakers who they already know from other years and they even take food prepared by the hotel with them to the trade fair, "special take-away menus are made at the hotel and they already know all about it so they request this service, normally requesting typical La Mancha products", says Julián Galindo, Manager of the Restaurant.

Special mention is to be made of the Alarcos de Valverde Hotel Spa, with only six rooms, which has been fully booked since the previous edition by the winemakers coming in from the area of El Duero, La Rioja and Catalonia. Notwithstanding, the hotel is continuously receiving calls from professionals who are quite aware of the facilities that the spa has to offer, as "the news has spread at the trade fair and with the information that is found on the Internet there are quite a few participants who would like to stay here, because they know about the added services we offer, such as the thermal circuit, Turkish bath, massages, all sorts of offers that the clients appreciate because quite honestly they are absolutely exhausted after the trade fair", affirms the spa's Director-Manager, Rosa Puebla Marín. The economic crisis has hindered expansion of the business, as they had foreseen an additional six rooms, "and many professionals from FENAVIN have asked about this so that they can come in with their families, however, right now I am unable to build the second phase only for the trade fair. I only wish the trade fair could take place more often", she admits. To be mentioned is the fact that some of the participants at the trade fair do take advantage of the spa facilities, even if they are not staying at the hotel. The disposition of the establishment is such that the Director even offers her own vehicle, if necessary, to take the clients over to FENAVIN.

In the case of towns that are a bit further away, such as Manzanares, La Solana, Valdepeñas or Puertollano, the figures are rather disparate: at the Manzanares Parador reservations stand at sixty percent, although greater occupation is expected; at the Pilas Bonas Castle, the Owner-Manager, Hilario Tolosa, points out that they still have rooms available for May 10th and 11th, although he also mentions that it is still soon, instance that is also mentioned by the Verona and Cabañas Hotels in Puertollano, where they are expecting more reservations during these days. At the Veracruz Hotel in Valdepeñas they are booked in about sixty-three percent, although in the previous five editions of FENAVIN they did finally have to put up the No Vacancies sign.