Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Prestigious actors will be the voices behind the poetic recital "Wine and Life" that will verse on the intimate relationship between wine and literature

Concha Cuetos, Manuel Galiana and José María Arcos

Concha Cuetos, Manuel Galiana and José María Arcos

Concha Cuetos, Manuel Galiana, Paco Valladares and José María Arcos will be in charge of bringing to life a selection of texts made by the Professor of Spanish Literature Antonio Rey Hazas

03.05.2009 | 

On Wednesday, May 6th, FENAVIN will be the perfect frame to find out about the intimate and productive relationship that links wine to literature, the same recited by various, prestigious actors. 'Wine and Life" is a selection of texts collected by the Professor of Spanish Literature Antonio Rey, which makes the culture of wine and its connection with literature more than manifest. Concha Cuetos, Manuel Galiana, Paco Valladares and José María Arcos will be putting their art at the service of this poetic recital.

Antonio Rey Hazas, Professor of Spanish Philology at the Autonomous University of Madrid has prepared a brilliant collection of texts, with special attention placed on Spain's Golden Age in which, he assures, "wine was a culture in itself". Quevedo, Gracián, El Lazarillo, Lope and his Galán de la Membrilla, Tirso de Molina, Cervantes or Góngora, amongst others, will be offering up their perception of wine in a series of texts that Rey Hazas has defined as "beautiful yet simple, ideal to spend a pleasant moment". In the selection, Rey has also introduced fragments and poems from authors of the 20th Century, such as Neruda, Machado, Diego Jesús Jiménez, Antonio Gamoneda or Fernando Quiñones, which "are closer to today's public". The poem "El vino de crianza" (Crianza Wine), by José Hierro, will close the recital that is harmoniously balanced and that has an undeniable artistic interest.

On his part, José María Arcos, has confidence in the quality of this show, and this due to various reasons. First, "because wine is a very literary and very Spanish argument"; and in the second place, "because Antonio Rey, the person who has prepared the recital, has scrutinized every last detail of Spanish literature. On top of that he has done it with originality, setting the texts to create a recital with rhythm, entertaining and enjoyable, focused on texts from the Golden Age".

Concha Cuetos comments that she is participating in this recital because of "the wine and friendship, two of the things that can enhance anything at all in life". She visited FENAVIN two years ago and discovered that it is an event that is well worth experiencing. Everybody knows that I am in love with the world of wine, and with these splendorous companions that will be accompanying me during the recital, well it was impossible to say no; at FENAVIN everything takes place at the same level".

On his part, Manuel Galiana summarizes the content of the recital in a single sentence: "We are going to talk about wine throughout history, because wine has always been a faithful companion of man". He also asserts that the objective of this recital is "to make the experiences of wine known to all". There are good samples of these experiences in Spanish literature, probably due to the ancestral wine tradition that exists in Spain".

Paco Valladares, already a classic at FENAVIN and on the Spanish stage, will also be participating in the recital, lending his voice to impart grandeur to these texts, which on their own are already grand, overflowing as they are with life and wine.