Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





The Regulation Councils and Denominations of Origin of Spain will gather together at FENAVIN to talk about new technologies in the wine sector

A total of 50 Regulation Councils and Denominations of Origin from practically all the autonomous communities, except for Ceuta y Melilla, will be participating, which means that 98% of Spain’s quality wine will be represented at this meeting.

22.04.2009 | 

The National Trade Fair on Wine, FENAVIN 2009, will be hosting a National Meeting of Regulation Councils and Denominations of Origin of Spain in the upcoming month of May, the same organized by the Spanish Conference of Wine Regulation Councils (CECRV), during which "The New Technologies in Advanced Management of Regulation Councils and Denominations of Origin" will be debated.

The meeting will be led by the CECRV's technical group, constituted by secretaries, directors and managers that are integrated in the CECRV. A total of 50 Regulation Councils and Denominations of Origin will be participating, coming in from practically all the autonomous communities except Ceuta y Melilla, thus representing 98% of Spain's quality wine.

According to the Secretary General of the CECRV, José Alfonso Sierra, the meeting will deal with the matter of management software for Denominations of Origin. "A Regulation Council is the body in charge of managing control, ranging right from the vine to the finished bottle that is ready to be placed on the shelf", he explains.

"Currently all Regulation Councils have management software", he comments. "However, in as far as time elapses and new technologies pertaining to servers, access means, communication via satellite, etc. are implemented, this software becomes obsolete. And if added to this are the modifications that take place in the legal regulations: community regulations, national laws, autonomous laws, decrees, orders, and the regulations themselves, then all this implies that in general the software cannot be considered a standard, but has to in fact be tailor-made, accommodating it to all of the above", José Alfonso Sierra points out.

At this meeting that is to be held within the frame of FENAVIN we will be explaining how a particular software has been recently implemented at a Regulation Council, "and as of that point what will happen - the Secretary General foretells - is that a lengthy battery of interventions will take place about the technological leap that some will observe in that put forward, while others may not see this leap because they have not worked with something new for much time".

In short this will be a magnificent encounter within the frame of a trade fair that is leader in the wine sector, which counts with debates on innovation of computer management in that concerning the potential that exists, ranging from planting of a vineyard right through to the "pouring" of the bottle's contents into a wine glass.