Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





The great anticipation generated by FENAVIN 2009 has already attracted 357 wineries from all over Spain and this eight months before the Trade Fair is to start

General view of the Wine Gallery at FENAVIN 2007

General view of the Wine Gallery at FENAVIN 2007

Ciudad Real will be hosting the fifth edition of this biennial fair on the dates of May 5, 6 and 7 of the upcoming year, with the event representing the most important trade fair on wine to be held in the country.

16.09.2008 | 

The attraction of the National Trade Fair on Wine, FENAVIN, amongst the national wineries and foreign importers cannot be denied and it continues to grow year after year. Proof of this is that already in the month of August and in the first few days of September, 357 wineries from all over Spain have requested space at FENAVIN 2009, which is to take place on the dates of May 5, 6 and 7 of 2009 at the Ciudad Real Trade Fair Pavilion.

Apart from the wineries that will be present from every single last corner of Castilla-La Mancha, another 79 from Castilla y León have also formalized their registration at a Trade Fair for which, quite unusually, the organization has not made any sort of advertising campaign in the national and international press to date, although it has been informing on the date of its celebration on the FENAVIN web site ( since the past month of May.

From amongst those wineries that wish to be present at the Trade Fair, up until now presence of Basque and Catalan wineries is also highly important, as is likewise the case with wineries from Navarre, Galicia and Madrid, amongst which are to be found some of the greatest names in the world of wine.

A "purely commercial" trade fair, in the opinion of the exhibitors

This Trade Fair, which has been defined as "purely commercial" or as the "best trade fair on wine in the country", according to some of the surveys that have been completed by the exhibitors after the past edition in 2007, this year aspires to achieving contacts with a total of 40 countries, handling the agendas of 3500 purchasers.

We must remember that FENAVIN 2007 closed its doors with an increase of 300 percent in the number of commercial contacts, this given that 70,175 contacts were recorded as opposed to the 21.369 contacts that were accounted for in the 2005 edition.

In as far as visitors are concerned, a total of 58,459 persons visited the 978 wineries that were present at FENAVIN 2007, which represents 22,000 more than in 2005, apart from the 11,200 exhibitors, 1157 international purchasers and 1650 national purchasers, representing total figures in both cases that stand way above the initial estimates.

With regards to the countries of origin of the importers, in 2007 these were as follows, in order of importance: Germany (12.34%), United States (11.81%), Japan (9.19%), Poland (8.40%), Czech Republic and United Kingdom (6.82% each), Mexico (5.51%), Holland (4.99%), Sweden (4.20%), Belgium (3.67%), India (3.41%), Ireland, France and Finland (2.62% each), Brazil (2.36%), Singapore and Norway (1.57% each), Switzerland, Latvia, Lebanon and Denmark (1.31% each), and others such as Turkey, Austria, Canada, Slovakia and Slovenia, amongst others (less than 1%).

The keys to FENAVIN's success

The keys to the success of "the trade fair of reference on wine of the national wine-producing sector", as defined last year by the national daily newspaper "El País", are its Business Center, Wine Gallery and Business Searcher, three tools in search of optimizing relationships between purchasers and exhibitors.

Two important contact programs between purchasers and exhibitors are handled from the Business Center: one basically aimed at helping exhibitors request meetings with importers, and the "Contact with the Exhibitors" program, objective of which sets its sights on international and national purchasers present at FENAVIN preparing their work agendas.

In as far as the Wine Gallery is concerned, this is none other than the Trade Fair's great showcase, given that most of the brands that the exhibitors have on display at their stands can also be found at the gallery. The main objective behind the gallery is that professional visitors can enjoy a comfortable and calm space where they can first try out those wines they are interested in, without having to visit every single pavilion, thus knowing and selecting the products that result the most attractive to them before hand.

And now the Business Searcher, representing a tool that can be accessed from the trade fair's website itself, with the computers that are distributed throughout the different pavilions found at the Fair Grounds, allowing all those interested in purchasing wine to make a precise selection of their objectives. Thus in this manner new visitors to the trade fair can optimize their time, previously selecting their objectives by means of comprehensive information about each and every one of the wineries that are present, in turn trying out all the wines they are interested in before personally visiting the corresponding stands.