Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Two glasses of wine with a meal do not render a positive result on the blood alcohol content test, as has been proven by Tierra de Viñedos Foundation at FENAVIN 2007

This during the luncheon at which the President and Institutional Coordinator of the trade fair, and the President and Manager of the Foundation were present, along with the specialized press and representatives from the sector

08.05.2007 | 

Today FENAVIN and the Tierra de Viñedos Foundation have gathered various personalities from the world of wine, during a luncheon at the 4th National Trade Fair on Wine, FENAVIN 2007, the same to demonstrate that two glasses of wine with a meal do not render a positive result on the blood alcohol content test. Those present took the test before and after lunch, in front of a Notary Public, and in no case whatsoever did any of them go above the prescribed levels.

Nemesio de Lara, President of the Trade Fair and Ángel Amador, Institutional Coordinator, were both present at the luncheon, the same in the company of Federico López, Director General of 'Mercados Alimentarios and Alipio de Lara, Director of the IVICAM, as well as Rafael Torres and Francisco González, President and Manager of the Tierra de Viñedos Foundation; other guests were Román Cantarero, President of AEMZU; Manuel López Alejandre, Secretary of the Conference of Denomination of Origin Regulator Boards and several journalists from specialized national and international media groups, as well as Jaume Font; amongst other guests.

Guests enjoyed the meal with wines from Castilla-La Mancha, two glasses per person, 9 cl each. The diners were served a quality wine, a 'Gran Selección' award-winning 'coupage'. Thus, for the third time the Tierra de Viñedos Foundation has demonstrated that dining with wine is not only good for our health, but in fact legal.

This activity took place for the first time towards the end of the summer in 2006, in the Castilian-Manchego town of Tomelloso (Ciudad Real) and it was again repeated during the International Gastronomy Summit, Madrid Fusion 2007. Eleven persons representing the world of gastronomy and the national media participated in a session under the epigraph of 'Dining with wine, legal and healthy'.

Once the meal had ended, the stars of the show subjected themselves to a blood alcohol content test, which was executed by the Ciudad Real Municipal Police.

The objective pursued by Tierra de Viñedos with this initiative is to restore wine's healthy nature and demonstrate that moderate consumption of this product is absolutely within the legal limits that the General Directorate for Traffic establishes. Therefore, the Foundation wishes to eliminate society's fear of consuming a food product such as wine, (which on the other hand has also been recognized by Brussels).


Luncheon took place in the Dionisos Pavilion (alongside the Press Room) at the Ciudad Real Trade Fair Grounds. Once all the diners were together, the Municipal Police Officers that were present at the meeting subjected each of the diners to a first blood alcohol content test to verify that none of them had previously consumed any alcohol. Once lunch concluded the local police measured their blood alcohol contents with a Breathalyzer. The result was presented to a Notary Public, who officially put the event on record.

Thus the Foundation once again unequivocally and categorically demonstrated that dining with wine is not only healthy, but absolutely legal in as far as the traffic authorities are concerned.

In this sense it is worth remembering that the legal limit established in the present Traffic Law stands at 0,25, which in no case whatsoever was reached, in such a manner that the Foundation demonstrated that one can enjoy two glasses of wine with a meal without being in fear of infringing any traffic laws.