Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





"Fortunately, nowadays quite a few women can be found exercising as enologists, elaborating wines and directing wineries with outstanding success"

According to Otilia Romero de Condés, of the Winery ‘Arva Vitis”, who will be coordinating the round table “Wine and Women” at which the different roles held my women in the world of wine will be analyzed, the same at FENAVIN 2007

11.04.2007 | 

The round table that will be coordinated by Otilia Romero de Condés, of the Winery 'Arva Vitis", will be contributing with the different and varied views of a group of women who are outstanding in the current viticulture scene. The debate will be forming part of the program of activities that FENAVIN 2007 organizes at the trade fair that will take place from May 7th to the 10th at the Ciudad Real Trade Fair Pavilion.

A sommelier, a journalist and an entrepreneur, moderated by a winery owner, who will be regaling us with experiences and explaining their opinions on a sector that, in like manner to many others, was an exclusive male reign. As commented by Otilia Romero: "Fortunately, nowadays quite a few women can be found exercising as enologists, elaborating wines and directing wineries with outstanding success. And on top of this they are leaving a feminine imprint on the world of viniculture".

In Otilia Romero's opinion, "it is not so much a matter of leaving behind clichés, such as the hackneyed 'special feminine sensitivity', but in fact of putting things in their rightful place" and analyzing women's contribution to the world of wine in detail. For this she has gathered together some of the most outstanding professionals in the country, who develop their professional work in different spheres of the sector and who have very clear ideas.

María José Huertas is sommelier at the restaurant 'La Terraza del Casino' (Madrid Casino). Her experience is fundamentally focused on customer attention, on the final consumer. Apart from explaining how being a woman has influenced her career in the world of sommeliers, her points of view, differentiating the male client from the female client, she also promises to contribute with very interesting approaches.

Cristina Rodríguez Alcalá is a sommelier, a journalist, a viticulture consultant and a habitual collaborator at Radio Nacional de España along with Olga Viza. Some winery owners consider her, in the best sense of the expression, to be a true "investigative journalist", because she "actually visits the vineyards, she gets her hands into the mud, she investigates each and every corner of the elaboration halls…". Without a doubt her opinions about the relationship between wine and women will be more than refreshing.

Finally, Sidikka Michael will be regaling us with her experiences as an entrepreneur. President of the Association of Women Lovers of Wine in Germany, she directs a select wine cellar and she is an importer of Spanish wines through the Horeca channel and for specialized stores. Her intervention will reflect extensive experience in that pertaining to the final consumer of wine.

Otilia Romero is convinced that women indeed have a particular way of approaching wine, a different point of view, be this as consumers or as elaborators, or in any other facet of the sector: "curiosity would be the exact word. As elaborators they investigate a lot, they try many different things. This doesn't mean that men do not do the same thing, and indeed they do it correctly, yet the difference resides in that women do this even more, as they want to innovate, they want to discover. And as consumers, the type of 'marketing" they apply is very different. To convince a woman to purchase a bottle of wine, trying and liking it does not suffice; they need to know all the details of its history, the year of harvest, its elaboration...".