Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Prizes "A lifetime devoted to wine", recognition of experience

De Lara highlighted last night the career of the 12 prizewinners.

12.05.2005 | 

Last night, the National Wine Fair presented the FENAVIN 2005 Awards, a recognition institutionalized by the Organization with the aim to express the value of the people who have devoted their lives to wine.

Award winners in FENAVIN III were : Isabel Mijares García Pelayo, businesswoman and wine technician; winemaker Antonio Páez Lobato; technician Ramón Gijón Maeso; restaurant owner Manuel Rodríguez de la Iglesia; winemaker Arnaldo Valsangia; Enrique Martín Peñasco, from CRDO Valdepeñas (Appellations Regulatory Board); winemaker Carlos Falcó; journalist Víctor de la Serna Arenilla; Daniel Vuelta Fernández, owner of Palacio de Arganda; José Bezares Jiménez, ex president of Bodegas y Bebidas and wine businessman; and Víctor Pascual Artacho, president of CRDO La Rioja.

All of them have a long and productive career evolving around the world of wine. They have dedicated their lives to wine and most of them admitted it when they made a brief speech. In their words, there are common expressions like love for wine, passion for wine, full dedication to wine. Isabel Mijares summarized this feeling quite well and she shared it with the vast audience who was there for the presentation of the FENAVIN 20005 Awards: "A lifetime devoted to wine, and such fun I had!" said the oenologist.

On the other hand, all the award winners agreed to highlight the importance of knowing how to place the product in the market. And they said FENAVIN is the ideal showcase to launch wines, both nationally and internationally.


"Wine is like life itself and it is life" said the president of FENAVIN, Nemesio de Lara, during his speech. De Lara, accompanied by the five vice-presidents of the Provincial Government, said the wine "sprouts, grows, has ups and downs, feels happiness and eventually dies, in a sad way - referring to the volume which is burnt - or in a happy way.

"We are now making a final vital judgment of a group of people who have a whole life ahead of them but also part of it behind them" said De Lara and he added "certainly in all this time you have suffered restraints and had to face and overcome obstacles"

"Likewise, FENAVIN also started with difficulties and took the path of innovation and professionalism just like all the prizewinners did" said De Lara. "You tried to secure the future before its arrival, there lies your worth" he added.

De Lara concluded praising the winners "good professionals like you are necessary, fighters, people who go ahead of times".

As for the Regional Minister for Agriculture of the Castilla - La Mancha Communities Body, Mercedes Gómez, she publicly congratulated FENAVIN and its president, Nemesio de Lara, for "this point of reference for the wine sector and the intense work and know how taking into account how complex it is to promote our wines".

In the same way, she said that only one woman was prizewinner last night and she asserted "there are many women who work with wine" because they support their husbands. She also encouraged winners "very young in spirit" to continue devoting their lives to wine as they "still have a lot to do".

Finally, the Regional Minister stated "Spain has to show it is the best as we have the best professionals". "We must keep on talking about wine", she stressed.


A large audience gathered in a well known hotel of Ciudad Real. Among the people present there were quite a number of public figures from the Province, the Region and the Country. Thus, together with the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Juan Antonio León Triviño, was the president of Ciudad Real businessmen, Arturo Mesa, and the president of CEPYME and Regional president of Businessmen, Jesús Bárcenas. The representatives of the major savings banks were also there: Luis Díaz Zarco and Miguel Ángel Calama, from Caja Rural and José Antonio Muñoz, territorial director of CCM. The agricultural sector was represented by the national president of ASAJA, Pedro Barato, and the provincial secretary of the agricultural organization, Florencio Rodríguez, and Lola Merino, president of AMFAR

The sub-delegate of the Government, Miguel Lacruz, was there as well, the president of Provincial Assizes, José María Torres, the military commander, Javier Castillejo, and the lieutenant colonel of Guardia Civil, Vicente Pérez.

FENAVIN 2005 awards also welcomed the Members of the Provincial Government belonging the Government Team María Fresneda and Jacinta Monroy, Javier Martín del Burgo, Deputy Minister for Sports in the regional government, Luis Miguel Mazas, Cabinet Minister of Castilla - La Mancha presidency, Antonio Salinas, Regional Member, Esteban Esquinas, Provincial Delegate for Agriculture, Rafael Romero representing the Town Hall of Ciudad Real; and the provincial members of the Grupo Popular, Martín Toledano, Marién Valdenebro, José María Molina and Germán Díez, and other businessmen/women and winemakers like Antonio Barco.

FENAVIN 2005 awards ceremony evolved around an original dramatization by the theatre group "Corrales de Comedias", directed by Antonio León, with the good actors Nacho Sánchez and Nieves Carrión. Ruth López and Joseph María Saperas played the music.