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"Spain is seen as the traditional producer which can compete with wines from the New World".

FENAVIN’s representative in the United Kingdom

FENAVIN’s representative in the United Kingdom

According to FENAVIN’S representative in the United Kingdom, Gerald Lawson-Tancred

14.02.2005 | 

FENAVIN's representative in the United Kingdom, Gerald Lawson-Tancred, declares that "Spain is considered to be the traditional producing country which can compete with the wines form the New World". In that respect, he adds "wines are fruity, in their own style, and the climate offers consistency and quality".

FENAVIN'S representative in the United Kingdom gives advice on the way to make the most of the presence of English buyers in the Business Center during the National Wine Fair: "Spain needs to be aware of the tremendous competition with wines from the "New World" and to be prepared to change the production styles in order to adapt to the palates of the United Kingdom".

"High quality wines and a better label presentation are the best way to make oneself known and build loyalty in the United Kingdom. Names of wines must be easy to pronounce, the packaging easy to read and easily recognizable and, ideally, it should indicate the grape variety" he states.

In the same way, regarding promotional actions or ways to attract importers and consumers, which both FENAVIN and the Spanish production areas would have to carry out in their own area zoned for economic activities, Lawson-Tancred asserts "commerce gives the opportunity to promote a country or a region."


In this respect, he adds "Spain is number one destination for more than 14 million British people every year. This extraordinary link must be used in a better way and more often by the industry, both in the United Kingdom and Spain".

The Spanish wine sector, through its various appellations, is working hard on the competitive side to produce high quality wines. On this subject, FENAVIN'S representative in the United Kingdom thinks that "Spain has to be seen in a historical perspective. There has been a great boost since Spain joined the Common Market in 1986. With more stress on quality than quantity, Spain has to produce wines specifically directed to the British market, and there is proof this has already started to happen". In the same way, he adds "there is a new generation of wine producers who starts to have a clear idea of the objectives".

He also states that "the complete perception of Spain has increased a great deal lately: Barcelona is one of the most visited cities and the Spanish culture is perceived as creative, sophisticated and vibrant. Cooking, art and lifestyle are making their way into our restaurants and in our daily life. Connecting wine to those positive messages will create an identity for Spain which will induce consumers to buy Spanish wines".

FENAVIN's Spanish representatives in the United Kingdom, Hispanic Consulting, aims at inviting to the National Wine Fair 2005 different types of buyers, from important wholesalers, retailer chains, importers, cash & Carry stores, bars and restaurants chains, to e-commerce.

FENAVIN's wide offer, with all the producing regions represented there, should be sufficiently attractive for the buyers in his area of influence as "undoubtedly, buyers who represent importers from the United Kingdom want to see as much diversity as possible. They want to know and be informed in order to take the message to the consumers".