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Ciudad Real
may 9-11, 2023

FENAVIN. Feria Nacional del Vino

FENAVIN keys to promote business

Swatch has launched the What if? collection, which introduces the environmentally friendly new synthetic material Bioceramic for the first time in a square case.
There is a special reason why Swatch gave up the brand's iconic shape, round, and insisted on square. More than 40 years ago, all key executives, including the founders of the Swatch brand, were faced with a crucial choice as they wrapped up their ultra-thin quartz watch project, collectively known as the Delirium Vulgare.replica watches Among the prototypes first produced in 1981, not only circular but also square models were included. As a result, the familiar circular Swatch model was adopted, writing a new history of quartz wristwatches.
This year, Swatch is introducing a re-issue model, a modern reinterpretation of the square case design of the original Swatch prototype made in 1981, as a formal collection. It is also necessary to think about the deliberate use of 'What if?' in the product name, which means 'what if'. Just like the song 'Dream of a Square' released by a group called White (Yoo Young-seok) in the 1990s, it can be a swatch-style response to the wild imagination, 'What if the world were all square?' It might be hypothetical what it would have been like had Swatch opted for a square watch rather than a round one in the early 1990s.
The solid square case measuring 33 x 33 x 10.5 mm thick is made of bioceramic in four colors: black, gray, green, and beige with a matte finish. Bioceramic, which debuted in the Swatch Big Bold line in 2021, is Swatch's own synthetic new material that combines zirconium oxide powder, which is the raw material of ceramics, and refined biodegradable bioplastic at a ratio of 2:1. It boasts the advantages of plastic,replica audemars piguet which is very light, yet flexible and durable. In addition, it is attractive because it is easy to apply colorful colors during the manufacturing process to emphasize the unique character of the Swatch collection. On the other hand, angular, so-called edge-to-edge glass, made of naturally extracted material is used on the front of the case to complete a unique retro style.

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