Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019




This instrument is aimed at achieving the maximum number of encounters between the offer and the demand before the trade fair actually starts, in such a way that the exhibitors can request meetings with national and international buyers, and the buyers can arrange their work agendas, likewise requesting as many meetings as they wish.


This is a comfortable and peaceful space, reserved for professional visits that want to try the wines that the exhibitors have selected. Each wine includes an information sheet that outlines the most important characteristics of the same, along with the location of the exhibitor of the wine in question at the Trade Fair.


The main goal behind the Business Center is to promote national and international commercial contacts and it will also count with all the necessary services, for free, to facilitate work to a maximum (meeting rooms, translators, WiFi, etc.).

Thus when a buyer arrives at the Trade Fair their time can be optimized by previously selecting the objectives they have, all this thanks to comprehensive information about each and every one of the wineries, and having first tasted the wines that the buyer is interested in, this before even visiting the corresponding stands.


This tool can be accessed both through the Trade Fair"s website,, as well as from all the computers that are to be found in the different pavilions of the trade fair grounds and in the Wine Gallery itself, all of which allows those interested in buying wine to make a precise selection of their objectives.

An attending buyer can thus arrive at the event with their business objectives defined, thanks to the comprehensive information available about all the wineries at the Fair. After sampling all the wines that they are interested in, they can then head out to visit the corresponding stands.

FENAVIN proves once again that its focus in on creating a trade fair that is organized around trade and ease of doing business.