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Ciudad Real, 09-11 de Mayo de 2017

Ciudad Real, 09-11 de Mayo de 2017





The Castile La Mancha Wine Tourism Association highlights FENAVIN’s potential to boost a greater knowledge of wine culture

Miguel Ángel Castiblanque, President of "Divinum Vitae"

Miguel Ángel Castiblanque, President of "Divinum Vitae"

The head of Divinum Vitae, Miguel Ángel Castiblanque, highlights FENAVIN's importance as a great opportunity to attract tourism to the region, "which continues to be a great unknown to the people"

09.04.2009 | 

The Manager of the Castile La Mancha Wine Tourism Association, Divinum Vitae, Miguel Ángel Castiblanque, believes that FENAVIN is the ideal place to boost the knowledge of wine and, furthermore, to promote the wine routes that can be traveled by wine-lovers in Castile La Mancha.

Castiblanque, representing Divinum Vitae, recently signed a partnership agreement with FENAVIN. The organization will be present at a 100-square-meter stand in pavilion 8, Ganímedes, at which "we want visitors to enjoy a taster of everything they can do at any of the 33 wineries that make up our association, throughout the region."

A number of activities will be carried out at the stand, such as commented wine tastings, wine therapy sessions, sampling of different products, all based around a program of activities so that anyone working at the fair can take some time to find out about any of the ten wine tourism routes that Divinum Vitae organizes in the region.

In Castiblanque's judgment, "it is a great thing to have a fair as important as FENAVIN in Castile La Mancha. This lets us 'play at home' and attract people to a part of Spain that continues to be a great unknown area."

For now, Madrid and the East Coast are the areas most likely to be attracted to what the region can offer in terms of wine, "since their geographical proximity allows them to take one or two-day trips without having to travel far."

During the fair, Divinum Vitae will also present the agreement made with the Viajes Iberia Group, which has resulted in a range of 18 wine tourism routs in Castile La Mancha. These will be offered nationally in the brochure Wine Tourism Trips. In vino veritas.

In addition to this, Castiblanque himself will give the conference "Wine Tourism Project Development," set for May 7th. He will talk about the great possibilities that wine tourism has in a region like Castile La Mancha, which is the "world's great vineyard".