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Ciudad Real, may 09-11 2017

Ciudad Real, may 09-11 2017



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Puxeu: in July an improved document on the Common Market Organization of Wine will be seeing the light and the same will be debated under the Portuguese Presidency

The Secretary General of MAPA has been welcomed at FENAVIN by Nemesio de Lara and Ángel Amador

09.05.2007 | 

A new document on the Common Market Organization of Wine (CMO) will be seeing the light towards the beginning of the month of July, document that may include sufficient improvements and which is to be debated under the Portuguese Presidency, a country that Spain considers to be a 'friend'. Josep Puxeu, Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture, has advanced this information today at the National Trade Fair on Wine. Nemesio de Lara and Ángel Amador, respectively President and Institutional Coordinator of the event welcomed Puxeu to FENAVIN.

Puxeu, who has assured that "Spain will maintain an offensive position and not one of dismantling", has advanced that the period for negotiations will be during the second half of the year and that the same should happen under "an agreeable frame".

He also added that when we talk about adjustment through productive capacity "this is always to be considered voluntary and much less than what had been pointed out, the same always handled by the regional authorities", although he has also specified that the agreement will involve 27 countries, which of course means that the process in itself is quite complex.

Concerning the National Trade Fair on Wine, Puxeu has expressed his recognition of this great monographic wine exhibition, directly congratulating its President, Nemesio de Lara. He has also highlighted the sensitivity of the Ministry of Agriculture in matters related with the world of food and agriculture, in particular with the world of the vine and wine.

On his part De Lara thanked Puxeu for his presence at FENAVIN. "We know that we all find ourselves in the same ship and we are convinced that the Ministry of Agriculture will also be tangibly, efficiently and economically present in future editions, as this has always been the case with the Regional Government and because we are all working along the same lines".


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